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Maitre Charles Chalom established his legal practice in 1932.  Maitre Chalom was the head of the bar association of lawyers practicing before the mixed-courts.  Not only was he a lawyer, but also held an accounting degree.  His practice witnessed the birth of the oldest Egyptian business law firm with a continued existence since the date of its inception.  Dr. Hassan Elibrachy, Mr. Hussein Elibrachy, and Mr. Said Dermarkar negotiated a partnership agreement with Maitre Chalom in 1952. Dr. Hassan Elibrachy, who was at the time Secretary of the Royal Cabinet, joined the practice of Chalom, Ibrachy & Dermarkar in 1953.  Maitre Charles Chalom left Egypt and resigned the legal practice in 1956. The law firm’s name was changed to Ibrachy & Dermarkar.  Throughout its history of eight decades, I&D was the main lawyer of the Belgian Group headed by the Baron Empain (who established Heliopolis); it consulted Siemens in modernizing the Egyptian telecom system during the Sadat Administration; it consulted the Japanese Group headed by Toyo Menka Kaisha to established the Dekheila Steel Project, the first of its kind in Egypt; and it consulted Lafarge S.A. in its purchase of Orascom Building Materials Holding in the biggest deal in Egyptian history worth Euro 8.8 billion.  During the short term where Egypt reached an investment grade, it represented international banks in providing billions of US dollars in loans to various Egyptian private entities.

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