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Our Value

Working with values and adding value is the essence of what I&D constantly strives to offer its clients.  It is also what I&D has been successfully doing in its eight decades of its legal practice.  Success and prosperity to our clients define our success.  We deliver results leading to life-long partnerships.  Our success could not have been achieved without our established core values.


We put the interests of our clients before our own.  We strictly abide by professional ethics not only because it is our way of life...but also because it is the only basis of the long term relationship that we foster with our clients.

In Depth Involvement

We invest our time to understand the business of our clients.  We understand their priorities and business culture.  This is the only way through which we can provide proper and relevant legal advice.  


We foster a culture that celebrates success, recognizes individual and team achievements and encourages wise risk-taking initiatives.  Motivating our team is the spring board of our dediction to our clients.

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