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The Story

The year 1932 marked the birth of one of Egypt’s very first law firms known as Maitre Charles Chalom back in the day; established by Charles Chalom who was head of the Bar Association of the Mixed Courts. In 1952, Hassan El Ibrachy, Hussein El Ibrachy, and Said Dermarkar joined Chalom in partnership turning the firm into Chalom, Ibrachy & Dermarkar. In 1956, the firm’s name was finally changed to Ibrachy & Dermarkar; a name that grew to be one of Egypt’s top of mind and most credible law firms since its establishment.

Years into the business and with an outlook on sustainable and growing relationships with employees and clients alike, we have been applying a more intricate partnership system that takes on partners from within the team; offering even more encouraging systems for our employees to remain at the core of Ibrachy & Dermarkar's family at work and ongoing client relationships.

In the last 79 years of our work with Egyptian and international clients, we have been playing a key role in the development of many pioneering changes and updates in the legal industry resulting in necessary effective policies that shape up a big part of our practice areas and their implementation across the different sectors.


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