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Gihan Taha
Practice Area:
 Scientific Of Counsel, (IP) Department   

Dr. Gihan Taha has joined I&D IP team as a Scientific of Counsel in the beginning of 2019. Dr. Taha received her PhD degree in field of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.

Before joining I& D, Dr. Taha was working as a Regulatory Affairs General Manager at a pharmaceutical company for more than 20 years.

She achieved remarkable teaching experience; started when appointed as assistant professor by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (1985) directly after graduation due to the remarkable excellent grades achieved, best grades in Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy. Her teaching career continued until 1997.

She also has teaching experience in the field of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights with undergraduate students at Misr International University (MIU)

In the pharmaceutical regulatory affairs domain, Dr. Taha accomplished outstanding experience when she joined the Medical Union Pharmaceuticals team. Achievements in the company include registering around 200 products (local under under-license) and five patents. Also; building up a network of contacts within the various regulatory bodies in the Egyptian MoH.

She possesses excellent writing capabilities; especially in the field of pharmaceutical products' patents and regulatory affairs.

Dr. Taha offered valuable advisory scientific opinions in cases regarding IP and pharmaceutical patent disputes.



- Dr. Taha obtained her B.Sc. of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo -University in 1985. Grade: Excellent with Honors

-The M.Sc. and PhD followed in the years 1988 and 1995 in the field of Analytical Chemistry.

-Advanced Management from the British Council, Cairo, Egypt, 2005.

-E-learning course in Intellectual Property in Egypt from WIPO, 2019.



- Arabic: mother tongue

- English: fluent spoken and written

- German: fair spoken and written

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